Linux update

Well I got some response to my rant. I’m surprised nobody said, “So do something about it.” That seems to be the usual open source thing to do (and not that bad a response either). It was looking like I’d have to pull out my RH6.2 cd’s and go back to 1999. However I have, at last, downloaded Knoppix. Wow, it actually works! This is seriously cool! The future suddenly doesn’t look so bad. Of course it did spoils things a little by not supporting my sounds card when I managed to get it working under RH and Debian with surprisingly little effort. Why is this distro so good when the others seem to have regressed so much?


I started replying to this and this came out. I didn’t need to rant on jwz’s blog, I’ll leave that to him. Here I go.
Thing is in a previous life I did learn Linux (I was a sys admin). I even liked it quite a bit, hell it was the only O/S on my work PC. Then I went away to make kites (really I did) and a couple of years later bought my own PC, cause I’m a geek at heart and hated using others machines. I thought to myself, “Why pay for an O/S. Linux is great it’ll do everything I need and 95 sucked back in 2000 anyway.” But then a strange thing happened and for some reason I thought, “What the hell it’s only a few bucks for XP I’ll give it a go.” Of course it’s 18 months later. After installing XP I got RedHat 8. Wow what a disappointment. I spent the best part of two days learning turn off the firewall (one of the main things we used Linux for in my old job) so I could talk to my other boxen all because the fuckers put a shitty UI on everything and hid all the useful stuff across 50 thousand sub menus. I was so pissed after that I re-read some (try here and most of here)stuff to remind myself how right he’d been all along and left the partition alone for a year. Then I decided Debian might be better for an 3l1t3 hacker like myself. Oh boy wrong again. How anyone manages to get a working X out of that thing is beyond my ken. I remember getting FreeBSD to do it like 7 years ago on then ancient eisa cards (no I’m don’t like free BSD any better, please don’t tell me what I did wrong). So basically XP’s been my O/S for almost two years, and you know what I like it. Yes I’m coming out of the geek closet. Stuff, just, well….works. You know you buy a camera, scanner, whatever plug it in stick in the CD and off you go. The only thing I had trouble with was an old cheap TV card, the irony being that I got some open source drivers to make it work. I not enitrly happy about this, it shouldn’t be like this by now dam it, Linux seemed like the answer a few years ago I’m sure I remember it working well and it’s actually managed to regress! It’s a hopeless 1 000 000 distros, KDE,Gnome,Mozilla,Firebird hell where nothing quite works with anything else. A million people (well actually no one reads this blog) will no doubt email me and say, “But you should have used blah,blah,blah, and downloaded foobar”, but the point is I don’t have to and neither should you).