And thus endeth week 4. Only 14 to go. I figured if I managed every run for the first 4 weeks I’d be in with a chance of making the program. So I’ve done it but I’m thinking it’s not going to get any easier. Really really really must stop running in the middle of the day. By the way 14 kilometres is 9.358420763822270487905945732256e-8 of the way to the moon. Although sometimes it’s more and other times is less.

Week 2

Yikes, it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier!!!! Week two’s been and gine and I half way thourgh week 3, it’s a “step down” week so I’m only doing 8 k’ for theweekend long run. It’s also the New Zealand kite boarding nationals this weekend though, so I’ll have to fit it all in somehow.

Yet another attempt at Blogging

Yes, I’m trying again. This time though I have a purpose, I’m training to run the Christchurch Marathon on the 5th of June. So here begins the blog.

I’m using Hal Higdon’s Marathon training Guide because I liked the look of it. So I’ve completed week one! Yay me, 3x5km’s during the week and 10k today (although I think I did 11k but not to worry). I figured running 10k wouldn’t be so bad, I’d forgotten that I’d be running 15k’s during the week whcih made it a bit harder than I’d hoped. Slow but I made it. Now on the week two.