Cold and cold

I’ve had a really bad cold so for the forst time I didn’t do any mid week runs! Managed the 19k on the weekend even though I was still a bit blocked up and breathing wasn’t the easiest at first. It’s also gotten very cold here over the last week. It’s a pain to start running with a hoody and the have to take it off and carry the damn thing. Anyway 14k’s today leading up to 28 on the weekend! The ends in sight only 3 more “big” runs before I start to taper.

26k’s ticked

Well this week I felt much more onto it. The 26k’s was pretty good. The last 5 where hard work but I held together well. Before the run my right achillies and knee hurt, afterwards they both felt good. A busy day mountain biking on Sunday left me pretty worn out, I was asleep by 10 Sunday night. Now I have a cold and haven’t run all week. It’s the first time I’ve missed the midweek “sorta long” runs, as Hal calls them. Anyway I don’t think it’s the end of the world. 19k’s on the weekend, seems like a nice distance now. The next few weeks get pretty intense though, 28k, 22k, then the “big” 32k the most I’ll run before the marathon itself. Gosh the end is in sight!

Week 10 Down

I woke up Saturday morning to rain, really hard cold rain. It really didn’t seem like running for 3 hours was going to be much fun. I had an almost cold all week and a really bad run on Thursday. By 11 the rain had stop the sun came out and off I went. It was good really good, 24k’s which was fine until about the last 5. You really can’t explain what it’s like, your not puffed, you don’t hurt as such, but you need a lot of will power to keep one foot going in front of the other. It wasn’t fast but I did it! Patrick’s tip of icing my calf’s (with ice not sugar) afterwards worked wonders, no aches or pains the next day calf wise. One knee’s a bit sore, but sore bits are to be expected. 26k’s here we come!!

I’m still going!

No I haven’t given up, just haven’t written in the blog for a while. I’m half way, yay! Last weekend was a “step back” I only had to run 16k’s for the “long run”. AS it hapened it was Christchurch’s annual “City to Surf”, although the run ens a few K’s from the beach so go figure. It’s a 12k run but the finish is about 4k’s from hime so it all worked out well. Following Patrick’s 3 Goal program I had the goals of a) finish, b) go under 1:12 (6 minutes a kilometer) and c) under 1 hour (5 minutes a kilometer). I finished in 1:05, maing for 5:30 per kilimeter. So I’m happy, although I did feel at the end like I should have gone that little bit harder. It was good to finally do a “race” (it really is just a fun run, no times recorded or anything like that), as see just how mad the start is and things like that. I’ll do it again next year for sure. Now the hard stuff really start 24km’s this weekend. I’ve picked up an annoying calf strain so I’m skiping the 5k’s for today and will take it easy during the week.