I’m still going!

No I haven’t given up, just haven’t written in the blog for a while. I’m half way, yay! Last weekend was a “step back” I only had to run 16k’s for the “long run”. AS it hapened it was Christchurch’s annual “City to Surf”, although the run ens a few K’s from the beach so go figure. It’s a 12k run but the finish is about 4k’s from hime so it all worked out well. Following Patrick’s 3 Goal program I had the goals of a) finish, b) go under 1:12 (6 minutes a kilometer) and c) under 1 hour (5 minutes a kilometer). I finished in 1:05, maing for 5:30 per kilimeter. So I’m happy, although I did feel at the end like I should have gone that little bit harder. It was good to finally do a “race” (it really is just a fun run, no times recorded or anything like that), as see just how mad the start is and things like that. I’ll do it again next year for sure. Now the hard stuff really start 24km’s this weekend. I’ve picked up an annoying calf strain so I’m skiping the 5k’s for today and will take it easy during the week.

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