Week 10 Down

I woke up Saturday morning to rain, really hard cold rain. It really didn’t seem like running for 3 hours was going to be much fun. I had an almost cold all week and a really bad run on Thursday. By 11 the rain had stop the sun came out and off I went. It was good really good, 24k’s which was fine until about the last 5. You really can’t explain what it’s like, your not puffed, you don’t hurt as such, but you need a lot of will power to keep one foot going in front of the other. It wasn’t fast but I did it! Patrick’s tip of icing my calf’s (with ice not sugar) afterwards worked wonders, no aches or pains the next day calf wise. One knee’s a bit sore, but sore bits are to be expected. 26k’s here we come!!

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