Turns out I’m an idiot after all. On Saturday, 8 days before the marathon, I went climbing. I’ve never hurt myslef climbing, until today. Took a fall swung into the rock, and ping one sprained ankle. It’s not the worst sprain ever, actually I probablly got off pretty lightly, but it’s not going to make running 42.2k’s agy easier. Bugger.


So I’m now “tapering”. I find this very strange as it sounds like something real athletes do. Obviously I still don’t feel like a real athlete. For some reason I feel grossly under prepared. I don’t know why, I did all the long traing runs, missed a few of the little ones and maintained a reasonable diet. I’m sure people do this less prepared than I am, but for some reason I’m starting to freak out! It’s a damn long way poeple!!!

The big 32

Well the big 32k is done, the end is in sight! The run wasn’t too bad, it was hard but just doable. I’m freaked that I’ll still have another 10k’s to go on race day. Oh well hopefully adrenalin will get me through. It’s nice to be tapering and running less, feels like I’m getting some of my life back. Better ease up on the biking though, too much chance of damage.

The ends in sight.

Did all the runs this week, meaning 52k’s total, including my best time for 15k’s. “Just” 22k’s on the weekend. I did a silly thing though and went mountain biking all day Saturday and ran on Sunday. The weather was bad, really bad. About 7C with occasional rain squalls. Consiquently I found it a bit harder than maybe I should have. Oh well live and learn. All concentration is now on this week and the big 32k’s at the end of it. Gosh all this stress and it’s still 10k’s off the race distance! Lets hope this tapering thing works.


28 kilometers is a long way. It’s not a whole marathin thoough, so yikes this things going to be hard. It took me 3h:15m. Patrick took 3hr:30m for the whole marathon! Just think he’d almost be finished by the time I past maybe 30k’s…. I’m starting to think that maybe this would have been easier if I was a better runner to start with. Oh well live and learn.