My First Sourdough

I excitedly got up Saturday morning to mix my first sourdough. I finally have good flour (thanks Celia) and got the “Frechman knead” technique to work. I really like it, it’s a great way to knead (thanks Celia). So I left the bread to rise and went for a run, for heaven forbid that I should let one mania interfere with another. Actually being manic about running and bread making is probably a fortuitous situation (thanks Celia).  I then went out for lunch, this may seem reckless, but I knew if I stayed I’d be playing with it every 10 minutes and end up shaping it early. As it was I got home a 4pm and shaped it straight away which meant it only sat for five and a half hours not six. The two baguettes went on the very top shelf, maybe a bit too close to the element, and so after about 10 minutes I pulled the top rack out and stuck them in with the round loaf. They ended up with an amazing crust. Lightly crunchy without going too deep. Needless to say I’m very happy with the results (thanks Celia), although Celia’s amazing shot with the huge holes is the standard I want to get to! I’m definitely a sourdough convert.

The pictures (thanks Celia):

And here’s what it looks like after two of us bake!

Carbs anyone?

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