Life is Good

Sometimes people shy away from making their own breads out of a preconceived notion that it’s a difficult process. This is particularly so in the case of sourdough, but it really shouldn’t be. If you can get the timing figured out, it’s actually easier to incorporate baking sourdough breads into a daily routine than it is to bake yeasted bread.

For example, last night, at 8pm, I kneaded up two batches of sourdough – one using organic wheat flour, and one using regular bakers flour. Both were kneaded in a very short time – I was finished by 8.30pm (and that included cleaning up). I gave both doughs a fold before going to bed last night at 10pm. They were then left to rise on the kitchen bench overnight. This morning at 6am, I shaped both doughs into three loaves each, and left them for an hour. At 7am I put four loaves in to bake, took them out at 7.30am, then put the other two in until 8am. It’s now not quite 9am, and we’ve all had fresh bread for breakfast. Life is good…

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  1. Don’t give away the secrets! It’s all a lie people, sourdough is hard to make. Envy us and our bread making prowess!

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