Boring Bread

I’m experimenting ! Yesterday I tried two things – I added ascorbic acid to the dough, plus I baked one of the two loaves in a pot. Ascorbic acid is a common bread additive, used to “age” young flour. Unlike many of the diehard purists, I have no angst at all about adding it to my sourdough, but I won’t be using it again for one reason – it produced an extremely boring loaf. The loaves looked great – browned evenly, rose well, but the texture of the bread was unexciting – no big holes, all even, looks and tastes like commercial sandwich bread. Shame, as it really DID look promising – the rising dough was extremely elastic and robust looking, and the oven spring was impressive.

Secondly, the pot baking. This was something raised on the Sourdough Forum recently and I wanted to give it another try, especially since I’m baking in a fan forced oven. Again, it’s not something I’ll do again, simply because the end result wasn’t really much better than the loaf I baked on the stone. The loaf in the pot spread more and cracked more on top, but the loaf on the stone actually rose higher and kept its shape.

Ah well, lessons learnt, and boring bread to eat…sigh…

Baked on a stone

This loaf was baked on a pizza stone.

This loaf was baked in a cast iron pot. Both loaves had the same temperatures and times, and weighed the same. Same rising times, same dough.

Boring bread – so much for the ascorbic acid experiment !

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