Not bread … but came out of the oven

So I know it’s not bread, but it is home baked and so worthy of a post. I didn’t get to the bread … yet, got a little carried away with cookies and muffins. First up were the choc chip cookies, a favourite, tried and well tested recipe (courtesy of the Oven Mistress). The only change today was that I finally used my little cookie scoop. The result … perfectly uniform sized and shaped cookies, 64 of them!!

Next up, muffins. Again a favourite recipe, but this time with pear instead of banana. I think I actually prefer it. Nice and moist although they did stick a little to the pan, must remember to be a little more liberal with the spray oil.

And last up, the oat and raisin cookies. Never done this one before, the texture is more like cake. T is calling them muffin cookies. They taste good, despite having zucchini in them. Might need a few more trials on this one, to perfect the texture. Eat up kids!!!

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