Bread’s back on the menu

Dan can cook. Bread’s back on the menu. Finally got back into bread baking today and decided to try some new shapes, but same reliable recipe for the dough, R’s olive bread.

The foc has the garlic EVOO. My fave, only this time turned out beautiful and crusty. It’s delish and crunchy on the outside. Not sure what I did to get the crust, just hope I can do it again. T had some for afternoon tea and oddly announced “this bread has chicken nuggets in it”??!! Then with cheeks bulging proceeded to ask for more. Guess she liked it.

The small loaf/large roll was meant to be for sambos but is probably a little too small. Beautiful and crusty also and so soft and fluffy. Just like from the bakery. Perfect for a little spread of butter and vegemite. Don’t think that loaf will last long.

And then the epi. Or at least my first attempt at one. Should have checked the frenchman’s instruction first… I cut it (with scissors!) before the second rise instead of after the rise right before baking it. As a result I ended up with a very fat epi. Move over lumpi here comes the fati.

Today’s bake


Crusty crumb


Roll or loaf?


The roaf



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