Weekly Summary for May 04 2008

A good week! Some speed work on Wednesday following Yuri and Mark, and a great Sunday run of 20k’s. I was dreading it after last week but it was the best run I’ve had in ages. Felt good and was whistling at half way… maybe I could have gone a bit faster then.
I took a new route I’ve named “Park to park” as I go through Sydney Park and onto Centennial. Every city should have green spaces like this!

Running Home 4-05-2008

Running Home 4-05-2008, Pace - Distance

Ignore the km’s for the midweek runs, the GPS really didn’t like running fast through the city. The weekly total is therefore out too, pity because it was a big week.

Date Time of day Location Category Distance (km) Time Avg. pace (min/km) Avg. speed (km/h) Calories
Tuesday Midday City Running 5.70 0:37:22 6:33 9.2 563
Wednesday Midday City Running 4.09 0:28:38 7:00 8.6 416
Thursday Midday City Running 4.32 0:28:40 6:38 9.0 447
Sunday Midday Home Running 20.42 2:08:20 6:17 9.5 2,128
This Week   (Multiple) Running 34.53 3:43:00 6:27 9.3 3,554
Last Week   (Multiple) Running 35.92 3:34:22 5:58 10.1 3,717
This Month   (Multiple) Running 121.15 12:30:35 6:12 9.7 12,499
Last Month     Running 10.05 1:02:05 6:11 9.7 0

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