Pizza pie

Better hurry up and make pizza Uncle Chris, you’re falling behind. Worked out the perfect timing for this so it’s ready for dinner. 5 pm feed kids, 5:30 get myself set up and make up the dough, 6:00 bath the kids while the dough rises, 6:30 prepare the pizza toppings, 6:45 do the bedtime routine, 7pm shape the dough and pizza base while the oven preheats, set aside the bread for second rise and top the pizza, 7:15 pizza’s in the oven for 10, by the time the pizza’s done the loaves/rolls are ready to bake, 7:30 I’m eating delish home  made “pie”, so by 8pm I’ve had a fabulous meal, I have tomorrows bread baked … and I feel like a freakin’ kitchen super hero! I love this baking caper!!!

2 thoughts on “Pizza pie”

  1. *sigh* looks like I’m going home and making pizza, which means not eating until 8pm. We must suffer for our art!

  2. You ARE a freakin’ kitchen super hero ! How are you making pizza, Chris ? Surely it can’t be sourdough…you’d be eating at midnight !

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