Badly planned bread

Firstly last weeks fruit bread.

I added dried figs (soaked in water) and dates. The figs disintegrated! You could just see a few seeds and no fig pieces. Tasted pretty bland as I forgot the all spice. Some honey might have been a nice touch too.

For this weeks bread I decided to try retarding the formed loaves in the fridge overnight. The starter wasn’t very active, I was distracted with moving so the timing was off. I got up this morning and lost 45 minutes somewhere before running. This meant the bread had been in the fridge too long and I had to meet people in a hour for lunch! I stuck the oven up as high as it would go waited 15 minutes for the light to go off, and whacked them in. It worked really well, I think they taste the best so far and the even kept their crust!

Wonky long loaf from being in a hurry.

And of course the crumbshot. Good looking structure.

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  1. Impressive, Chris! Did you let the loaves come to room temp before baking, or did you put them straight into the oven from the fridge?

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