Pizza for a crowd

I wish I’d had a chance to take a picture of the finished pizzas, but they disappeared as fast as they came out of the oven!  Here’s a photo of some ready to go into the oven.

From front to back, we had :

The Kids’ Pizza – tomato base topped with ham, mushroom, spanish olives, anchovies, bocconcini and scamorza (brined mozarella)

Five Cheese Pizza – Blue Viking, feta, bocconcini, scamorza and smoked scamorza

Fennel Pizza – pan-fried fennel, sliced spanish onions, bocconcini, scamorza on a tomato base, sprinkled with Italian herbs

Vegetarian Pizza – tomato base topped with mushrooms, semi-dried tomatoes, sicilian and kalamata olives, scamorza and bocconcini

Meatlover’s Pizza – panfried lean beef mince with mexican spice, scamorza, bocconcini, tomato base, mushrooms and basil.

We also had three more not shown – a traditional Margherita, a chilli chicken breast and spanish onion pizza, and a “super supreme”, with all the leftovers on it. 🙂

Homemade bases were parcooked for a couple of minutes, then topped and baked in a blazing hot oven on top of preheated pizza stones.

Dessert was an apple galette, and homemade chocolate and vanilla icecream!

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