Blue ribbon birthday cookies

For P’s birthday on the weekend, I decided to bake some cookies and indulge his love of GIANT cookies. I filled two cookie sheets with regular sized cookies and with the rest (usually enough for another 10-12 cookies) I made just two. We are in the land of the “super sized” after all … they didn’t last as long as they should have, but were appreciated nonetheless. 

Baked in San Frandisco

This is actually Chris’s bread, but he won’t post it so, I will…. This was my first lesson on sourdough, made from the starter in the previous post. The technical details I’m not sure of. But it was very crusty and very delicious, and look at those perfect points on the epi … textbook. The loaf we ate as toast. And the epi was just for snackin’.


Epi ‘n soup

One of our new favorite dinners at the moment is pumpkin, potato and leek soup with fresh baked mini epi. Hmmmm delish! After a little experimenting, have worked out the soup needed some extra seasoning. So tried extra garlic and a little extra salt and pepper, so very happy with my recipe now. And after some consultation with my resident bread baking expert, have decided to try chilling my baguette for a few minutes before snipping with the scissors, to try and get a better looking epi.

Sourdough Spelt

Bulk fermented overnight on the kitchen bench, then shaped and baked this morning.  Each loaf was just over 400g in dough.  Final proofing time  was possibly a little long (1.5 hours) – had to work around getting the kids to school.