Thomath the twain

M is train obsessed. So it was a given that his birthday cake would be Thomas. Mummy baked two square cakes, bought the appropriately coloured icing and left Daddy to it. The design and preparation was thorough, to say the least, painstaking attention given to each detail. The construction meticulous until finally, after many hours, the finishing touches were applied. It was a huge hit, inciting gasps and exclamations of love from the birthday boy. Thomas even received a few loving kisses and cuddles, until finally it came time to eat it. Daddy was reluctant to cut the face until he eventually realized any attempts to preserve Thomas’ dignity was futile. 15 minutes and half a Thomas cake later, we had two kids bouncing off the walls, high on life …. and frosting. Ahhhh, the joy of a kid’s birthday.

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