New recipe, inspired by the bake-off at  Really good, reminiscent of Italian woodfired (which is what it’s supposed to be reminiscent of, I guess).   The crumb is very chewy, and the crust has stayed hard, but the dough was really wet and hard to handle!

Cuban Bread

My friend Jules asked me to find her a Cuban bread recipe.  Never having had it before, I was flying a bit blind, but it was a fun process.  This is a light, crispy loaf enriched with LARD!  I was very happy with this – it’s delicious! 🙂


Tried a new technique today, and was delighted with the results.  Using my standard dough, I made smallish balls, which I dipped in poppyseeds.  I then placed each ball on a sheet of Bake, covered it with greased clingfilm, and let it rise a second time.  The dough was then squashed very flat and baked in a very hot oven on a pizza stone for about 15 minutes, then eaten hot.  The results were delicious!