Fruit Cake

It’s been ages since I’ve made fruit cake, but a chance purchase of 2L of black rum inspired me to make one yesterday.  Unlike the “old days” (e. 15 years ago when we were making fruit cakes regularly), this one was baked in a large bundt pan.  Because of that, it cooked in only 1.5 hours rather than the specified 2.5hrs.  Gorgeous flavour from a mix of treacle and fruits boiled in rum and butter.  Dead easy recipe, didn’t need a mixer (note to Dan! :)).  I found the recipe online here, it’s an old Women’s Weekly one.

I sub’d rum for brandy, and, as I didn’t have any mixed peel or glace fruit on hand (or raisins for that matter), I used golden sultanas, dark sultanas, currant and cranberries (which I did have on hand).  I also only used lemon peel, and threw in a little tart plum jam for good measure.  Usually baking requires a rigid compliance with the recipe, but I’ve always found fruit cakes allow a little flexibility.  To me, the most important thing about baking a moist, successful fruit cake is to give the hot cake a splash of alcohol, then cover it with foil and wrap it in a tea towel and allow it to cool in its tin.  This can take all night, but it’s worth the wait!

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