New Cookies

Yesterday I tried two new cookie recipes, both of which were made in the food processor. (I’m lazy – if I have to wash the food processor, I might as well make good use of it while it’s out).  The first is a chocolate oatmeal cookie from the Jacques Pepin Celebrates cookbook.  It’s particularly interesting in that the recipe has no egg in it, and only 1/4  cup sugar.  It’s a shortbready treat, studded with currents and lacquered with dark chocolate.

The second is a French cookie (over here we’d probably call it a biscuit), the recipe for which I found in Dorie Greenspan’s archives (I’m currently working my way through her blog).  It’s called a “Punition”, although I really don’t know why, unless you’re going to be punished with an enlarged rump for eating too many of them, as they’re pretty addictive.  In this recipe, the quality of the butter is very significant, as the flavour dominates the finished cookie.  I thought this was a great opportunity to use a batch of Pete’s homemade butter, which he made just last week.  It was made with heavy cream (10.5% fat and pure, no thickeners added) which we allowed to sour a week or so past its expiry date, and had just the tiniest bit of crushed Maldon salt added to it.  The recipe made a huge batch of crisp, delicious butter cookies which I’m shovelling into my mouth as I type.  🙂

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