How about that heat?

Something felt like it clicked yesterday, and not my ever aging knees. I was able to ride along at 18mph on the flat (28kph) without blowing a gasket, I climbed really well for me, and by the 30 mile mark of the 60 mile ride I felt really good.  I’d been eating my Cliff Shot Blocks earlier than usual and really keeping hydrated. We were, in theory (oh foreshadowing again), riding out to a hill called Calaveras. What a strange bunch cyclists are, riding 30 miles  so they can ride up a hill.  It makes sense when you’re doing it though. I took my camera but kept forgetting to take pictures.  Here’s one from about 15 miles in:


We’re heading off into the distance.

Not long after we go to a piece of road called the Dublin Grade.  It was hot, very hot, and it continued to get hotter as we rode.  Eventually we got to the oasis called Sunol:



We refueled and re-hydrated. Luckily this caused a few people to come to their senses and suggested that seeing as it had reached something over 100F (38C) it was maybe a good idea to back track. I was a little disappointed,  but certainly wasn’t going to go alone. 45 minutes later, as I tried not to faint riding back over Dublin Grade, I decided that the Yellowjackets are geniuses and I should always listen to the group consensus.  It also made me a little relieved that I hadn’t gone with the advanced group which I’d considered doing at the start of the day as they’d probably gone the whole way. While this wasn’t as long as some of the rides I’ve done recently I got home more exhausted than after the 80 mile Petaluma ride of a few weeks ago.  I may have even had a short power nap after a cold shower.

Here’s the route:

Road 8-29-2009

Next week, more reviews, and I finally reveal why I went Lycra.

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