More reasons it’s really quite nice around here.

Firstly I went riding, I refuse to bore you with the details so don’t ask. We rode up Palomares.


Doesn’t look steep does it?

Then I got home and Corwin rang to say he was heading to Waddell so I went there.

Waddell at dusk.

Doesn’t look sharky does it?

Some mellow kiteboarding ensued. The fog bank was being particularly impressive.

Fog Up Close

It looks out of focus, but fog is out of focus.

I liked the ominous look of this.


Thanks foreshortening you helped a lot.

That is all, go about the rest of your weekend content in the knowledge that a) I can ride at the front of a pack of cyclist “Like a tank!” (a good thing I thing) b) I “certainly have the legs for it” as noted by tank man and c) I have “aerodynamic shoulders for leading” (meaning they’re so wide everyone can hide behind them).  See aren’t you glad you didn’t ask?

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