Warning missing skin ahead!
You probably think I fell off my bike.  Well no! I fell off my skateboard so there!  Oh dear, should 36 year old men really be saying such things.

When you ride one of these most awesome boards:


Freebord (sic)

And one of the center caster breaks like this at 15 miles an hour:

Busted center

Busted Center

You end up like this (hint here comes the missing skin):



Elbow, note the bottom lip 🙁

The studious amongst you might notice that I shave around my knee so that I could add and remove the Tegaderm more easily.  I’m so smart that I’m learning from previous road rash, yes really smart I tell you.  The brown stuff is Betadine.  I leave it as an exercise to reader to try and take a photo of their elbow.

5 thoughts on “Ouchies”

  1. i remember a 32 year old man saying something very similar 🙂 i have no doubt you will still be injuring yourself on bikes and skateboards when you’re a 50 year old man. hope you heel up quickly

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