It must be the New Year.

Is there anyone who has a blog that doesn’t write a “New Year” post.  Probably, but if they don’t publish one I bet they think about it.  My plan: Publish the list of “things to do” (not resolutions).  Then they’re out in the public eye and you, my gentle reader, can mercilessly tease me about what I have and haven’t done. So with further ado:

  1. Write more blog posts.  Who doesn’t write this one? And if they don’t I bet they think about it…. Wait maybe this should be write more blog post and get some new jokes.  What stops me now? Topics, I need more topics and I don’t fell like being serious most of the time so they need to be kind of superficial.  Wait…
  2. Making more savings.  In the interests of having some privacy I’m not going to post numbers.  But I’d like have some sort of future financial security, and last years was status quo with regard to savings.  What stops me now?  Bikes, snowboards, projects that never get finished, comcast, etc.
  3. Bike riding goals.  I think this gets a post of its own.
  4. Career.  What are my goals? I never seem to have any.  Get some.
  5. Finish more projects.  So far I have the quad copter, Pete’s flying thing, a robot, and pile of electronics.  Get something finished!  Actually the goal should be, display at Maker Faire. What stops me now? TV, copumter games, facebook, apathy. All easily fixable things.
  6. Weight loss.  I’m 94kg, 4kg away from my original “buy a new bike” goal. I have the bike so I really should get to the goal.  If I meet the bike goals this should happen.
  7. See more of SF/Oakland.  Someone recently asked me what gallery’s or museum’s I’d been to in San Francisco.  It struck me I’ve been here 18 months and the answer is none!  I’ve moved into, “I live here I’ll get around to it” mode.  That should be fixed, there’s plenty of times I wonder what I should do with a few hours I have free.
  8. Take up Yoga.  I hear only good things so I should go do it right?  What stops me now?  It’s scary being the newbie.