Google I/O 2010

I went to Google I/O on May 19th and 20th. It was once again very impressive (I went last year too). This year we got two phones, one before hand (a Droid for us USA residents) and an HTC EVO at the conference. Interestingly it was relatively easy to get into the Android talks last year, this year I missed two (and two other streams during one slot) because I got there as the talk started only to find it so full they wouldn’t let more people in. Going there makes we want to work for Google, even though the reality must be quite different compared to just seeing cool stuff at a conference.

Parrot where there showing off their AR Drone running on a Nexus One. They have an API for developing games on this platform. Lets hope they open it up to allow flight control development too.

One of the fun things about this conference is the Google After Hours party held in the evening of the first day. It’s a complete geek fest, and as Maker Faire is the following weekend hey get a few of the exhibitors to com along. I wish they’d had Arc Attack to do some music, but what they had was great fun.

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