My First Cyclocross race

Firstly, it was great fun! Secondly it was dusty. Thirdly I thought that I’d passed a lot of people (they started the 35+ Cat C’s 30 seconds after the under 35 Cat C’s so there were maybe 90 people ahead of me). Unfortunately I ended up 44 out of 58 in my category, which was a bit disappointing but it was my first race I guess. Joe mentioned there was at least one person bunny hopping the barriers, which seems like a bit of a sandbag for the begging class. And I don’t want to be a sore loser though, and like I said it was fun 🙂 It’s really strange being able to ride for 6 or 7 hours and then trying to “channel” that into 40 minutes of all out riding. I’m as tired as I would be after a 60 mile ride! Also the numbers on the Strava page are pretty consistent, so at least I didn’t blow up! Next race is either next weekend, if nobody wants to ride Tunitas Creek with me, and then November 6th at the SF bike expo.